Luke Edwards
My name is Luke Edwards.
I am a software development student at Northern Illinois University.
Here is some cool stuff I have done.

Personal Projects

Please note this is not an exhaustive list of my experience just some projects I would like to highlight.


space image

A simple project that I used to get a better grasp of vanilla JavaScript, HTML and CSS. I built this project in just over a week


asteroids image

This was my second JavaScript project to build on the knowledge I learned building the Space Intruders game. This project introduced me to the canvas and how to use it to make more dynamic graphics. It is also extremely hard, I haven't even beat it (so give it a shot).

Speech and Debate Website

asteroids image

As president of the Speech and Debate team I also volunteered my skills and time to build the team a website. We had one in the past, but it was deleted so I built this new website from the ground up. It is not anything too fancy but it will be a great help for student recruitment.


space image

This was a project from my CSCI 473 class where we created a simple chess game. This is a .NET Framework app that runs locally.


space image

After working on Space Intruders and Asteroids I wanted to do something a little more algorithm based so I made a simple maze solver. For this project I brought in some extra libraries such as jQuery and Bootstrap to make it look a little better than the past projects.

My Experience


Speech and Debate

speech team photo

I have competed in Speech and debate for the past eight years. I have competed at the highest levels of competition both at the state and national level. I have also been the President of the NIU Forensics team for the past two years.
Here are a list some of my awards/positions:

  • Team President from 2021-2023
  • Individual Sweepstakes Illinois State College Champion
  • 2x State Champion in IPDA Debate
  • State Champion in NPDA Debate
  • 4th at NSDA Nationals in Extemporanous Commentary


cram photo

I have been a member of a research team since fall of 2021 researching intelligent tutoring systems and gamification. This project has required extensive use of many technologies such as: Unity, C#, GIMP and others.
Note: These games are part of a larger suite of minigames that will all be connected via an overworld for the game. The overworld is still in its early stages of development.